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We are passionate about protecting public health, reducing health inequalities, and helping to create peaceful, sustainable neighbourhoods and communities. Above all we are committed to safeguarding planet #Earth for future generations.

We are committed to helping raise standards of all homes, especially those in the Private Rented Sector. In 2013 the CLG Committee’s inquiry into the Private Rented Sector formally accepted our Memorandum of Evidence calling for universal HHSRS certificates for all rental homes.

We believe that rental homes, whether publicly funded or privately owned can be part of a sustainable and environmentally viable solution to meet current and future housing needs. Home ownership does not suit everyone. In a shifting global economy, of peripatetic working and short term contracts, rental homes are a much needed and important resource.

The climatic turmoil from human activities, means that more than ever we have to think carefully, about the destructive footprint of the Anthropocene epoch, where atmospheric, geologic, hydrologic, biospheric and other earth system processes, are now inexorably altered by humans.

The blue and green arteries of the #Earth must be protected and preserved for future generations, and so unbridled, intensive house building cannot be the answer to meet rising housing needs. Instead, we believe that all of the inhabitants of plant #Earth; be they, politicians, business, regulators, experts, landlords, tenants, children, or world famous figures; need to work together in symbiotic partnership to preserve current homes and conserve our universal home.