Whether you are a Landlord, Tenant, Agent or Public Authority our range of innovative services are based on the principle that everyone deserves to live in a safe home.

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Telephone Advice

We can provide constructive advice to enable you to identify suitable solutions for your particular housing problem, whether it relates to Selective, Additional or HMO licensing, breach of licensing conditions, damp or disrepair. We can explain the statutory powers and processes for investigating and enforcing conditions, relating to housing, including; planning enforcement, building regulations, nuisance, and hazards to health. Whether you are a Landlord, Tenant or TMO group, a 30 minute HouseLet Direct Telephone Consultation, at a fixed fee of £39.00 (plus VAT) will provide you with, professional, straightforward, practical advice.

Advice Pack

Our Section 82 Advice Pack allows private and social Tenants and homeowners to take action for damp, disrepair, and conditions which are a nuisance or prejudicial to health. If you want to get a Court Order because your Landlord refuses to carry out repairs and want to restore comfort to your home, then HouseLet Direct’s fixed fee £99.00 (plus VAT) Section 82 Advice Pack, which includes a 30 minute Telephone Consultation is just what you need.

Inventory Reports

Our independent inventory reports can assist Councils to independently verify the condition of properties, as part of Private Sector Leasing Schemes and assist Landlords and Tenants with Deposit disputes.  

Expert Reports

Whether you are a Landlord, Tenant, or public authority, and need a simple nuisance assessment or Expert Report to comply with Civil or Criminal Procedure Rules, our Experts can assist. Our skilled practitioners can act as a single or joint Expert for cases listed in the Magistrates’, County and High Court hearings, at Planning Committees and appeals Residential Property Tribunals or Valuation Tribunals.

HHSRS & Licensing Inspections

Non-compliance with HHSRS can cost landlords dear. If a rental property is found to have Category 1 Hazards or multiple Category 2 Hazards, then this can result in enforcement action and delay or refusal of a property Licence, prosecution or fines and impact on Section 21 Possession Claims. Landlords can avoid these losses by proactively procuring HouseLet Direct’s HHSRS Compliance Certificate confirming that their rental property has been inspected by a competent person and is free from hazards. We also provide a range of inspection packages including pre licence and periodic inspections to help Landlords comply with the statutory burden and help create #SafeHomes and neighbourhoods..

Statutory Inspections

We provide independent and impartial, regular periodic inspection packages to help Landlords and Agents comply with Licence conditions and statutory ‘Beds in Sheds’, area surveys and enforcement inspection packages for Councils and Registered Providers. Our skilled team of practitioners have an enforcement background and can work with in house client teams to identify and refer urgent issues for emergency prohibition action to client organisations. HouseLet Direct can help Councils create #SafeHomes neighbourhoods, places and communities.

TMO Inspections

Our services can help TMO’s address issues relating to damp and disrepair and fire safety hazards on behalf of tenants and leaseholders.  We can provide independent inspections, surveys advice and retainer arrangements to assist TMO’s with housing management services to their residents.

Desktop Reviews

We provide fixed fee document reviews and casework services for appeals to the Residential Property Tribunals and Civil and Criminal claims. We can assist, Landlords, Tenants and TMO’s with an independent review and advice of inspection reports, Prohibition and Improvement Notices.   

Entry Clearance Inspections

We provide nationwide Entry Clearance Property Inspection services, to satisfy Home Office Visa requirements for those wishing to sponsor non EEA foreign nationals seeking to enter the UK for study, work, or family reasons. We provide fixed fee services: £200.00 (plus VAT) for inspections in the London area regardless of the size of the Property or number of applicants. Our independent, impartial Entry Clearance Property Reports can help individuals to authenticate their application.

Tenant Reports

We provide Fitness, Disrepair, Personal Injury Reports and Inspection services for public and private Tenants wishing to take legal action for unsafe conditions or hazards to health in their rented homes. Our fixed fee Disrepair Reports can also be used by Tenants for complaints to the Housing Ombudsman, for disputes relating to Deposit deductions, or be used as independent evidence in a counter claim for breach of contract.

Emergency Contact

As part of HMO, Additional or Selective Property Licences, Councils require Tenants to be provided with a 24-hour emergency contact telephone number including out-of-hours response arrangements. Our 24-hour Emergency Contact Service consisting of answering service and online Emergency Report In Form (ERI Form) operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our Emergency Contact Service provides a professional intermediary facility, to help Landlords fulfil Licence requirements, and provides Tenants, with accessible out-of-hours emergency reporting arrangements.

Legal Advice

If you need representation for Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 claims, Housing Act 2004 proceedings, Section 80 or 82 proceedings under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, appeal hearings at Residential Property Tribunals, or wish to obtain written advice on the merits of your case; then we can help you to find the right advocate for your particular circumstances. If you are daunted by the process of selecting a Barrister or Solicitor and need help and advice on choosing a suitably, skilled advocate, then our advisers can help you select the right person for your case. HouseLet Direct’s Fixed Fee Legal Service £190.00 (plus VAT) allows you to still retain control of the case, but we can use our knowledge to advise you on which set of Chambers is likely to have the relevant expertise, and how to prepare your evidence, and prepare and draft your instructions to your Barrister of choice.