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We believe everyone has the right to live in a #SafeHome, whether it is a home you own or whether you rent from a private Landlord, Council or Housing Association.


At HouseLet Direct we help Tenants, Landlords, Agents, Registered Providers and Councils, create homes that are safe and Decent.


A safe home should be free from damp and mould, free from excess cold, with adequate space and facilities, and free from hazards to mental and physical health.


At HouseLet Direct we believe #SafeHomes need safe Landlords and Tenants. And, that renting can be a secure, sustainable alternative to home ownership.

HouseLet Direct’s team of experienced Environmental Health Practitioners are all members of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH). We provide a range of cost effective solutions including telephone advice, Tenancy Packs, periodic Safe Home and HHSRS inspections and certificates, along with specialist services including Expert Reports for Court or RPT Hearings, possession proceedings or disrepair claims by Landlords or Tenants. We work in partnership with Registered Providers and Councils to help create safe neighbourhoods and tackle anti-social behaviour.

Safe Homes

#SafeHomes need safe Tenants, Landlords and Partners


Fixed Fee Advice | Inspections | Licensing | HHSRS

Landlords face stringent checks and fees for compliance with legal requirements. When things go wrong and Tenants complain or when routine inspections highlight serious problems, then Landlords can face significant unlimited fines and civil penalties of up to £30,000 and in some cases lose control of their properties or licence. We believe that good Landlords are proactive; and our services can help you avoid costly problems.



Fixed Fee Advice | Disrepair Reports | Nuisance

All homes should be safe homes, whether they are rented from a private or public landlord, and all children should have the opportunity to grow up in homes that are free from physical and psychological hazards to health and wellbeing. If you believe that your homes is harming your health and has damp, mould or other hazards and your Landlord refuses to take action to reduce the hazards, then HouseLet Direct can carry out an independent fixed fee disrepair inspection, on your behalf.

Registered Providers

Registered Providers

Decent Homes | Expert Reports | Fitness for Habitation

We work with many types of RP Landlords, to meet urgent service needs. By using HouseLet Direct’s dedicated team of experienced practitioners, RP’s can achieve considerable cost savings associated with inspections for Private Sector Leasing schemes, TMO’s or for vulnerable families requiring emergency or temporary housing.



Inspection services | HHSRS | Enforcement

Whether public authority Landlords need a simple nuisance assessment or Expert Report to comply with civil or criminal procedure rules, our skilled, tenacious Experts can provide clear, concise, professional advice and assistance. Alternatively our team of experienced EHPS can help Councils to improve housing standards, provide interim cover for urgent inspections, achieve service objectives, meet inspection targets, and assist you to smoothly and efficiently implement your Additional, Selective or HMO Licensing Schemes.

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HHSRS Compliance Certificate

A HouseLet Direct HHSRS Compliance Certificate demonstrates that your rental property has been inspected by a competent person and is free from Category 1 and 2 Hazards.
Find HouseLet Direct Experts in the CIEH Consultant’s Directory.

Find HouseLet Direct Experts in the CIEH Consultant’s Directory.


HouseLet Direct operates nationwide between 10:00 - 16:00 hours Monday to Friday. Evening and weekend appointments can be arranged by completing our Booking Form.

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