HouseLet Direct's 3 month Periodic Inspection service can help Landlords comply with Licence conditions for the London Borough of Newham's selective licensing Scheme for all private sector rented properties. Book an inspection here


When is a defect a Hazard and when is it prejudicial to health? Does an Article 4 Direction mean that Buy To Let properties, can no longer be rented as HMO's? For For advice on these rental issues and other statutory provisions why not book a 30 Minute HouseLet Direct Consultation

HouseLet Direct's range of competitive Services are designed to take the worry and stress out of being a landlord and can help and enable landlords to efficiently manage their Rental and Buy to Let portfolios.

Our Noisedirect service can also help Landlords take positive action for ASB and noise nuisance.

 Helping Create Safe Homes


Being a Landlord is a serious business.

Large or small, private or public Landlords play a vital role in helping to meet housing demand. But being a Landlord is not easy and navigating regulatory requirements is even more difficult.

Currently Landlords face more stringent checks and fees for compliance with legal requirements than ever before. When things go wrong and Tenants complain or when routine inspections highlight serious problems, then Landlords can face significant unlimited fines and civil penalties of up to £30,000 and in some cases lose control of their properties or licence. At HouseLet Direct we help Landlords avoid the problems that can lead to costly fines, penalties and claims from Tenants.

At HouseLet Direct we believe that good Landlords are proactive Landlords. A HHSRS certificate is a must for all good Landlords, which along with Gas Safety, EPC and electrical certificates can help to demonstrate that a property is well managed, maintained and legally compliant; and ‘fit for habitation’ pursuant to The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018.

Our inspections are all carried out by qualified, trained assessors who are all EHORB registered with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. Book your inspection for a HouseLet Direct HHSRS Certificate to demonstrate to your local Council and Tenants that your property is free from Category 1 Hazards and ‘fit for habitation’ here

At HouseLet Direct we provide a range of services for small, medium and corporate Landlords. We help public and private Landlords show compliance with statutory minimum standards for housing; and can help all Landlords meet requirements for fitness for habitation, Decent Homes, Mandatory and Additional Licensing schemes for HMO's and Selective Licensing Schemes for other rented homes.

At HouseLet Direct we provide inspection services for responsible local authorities who need to place vulnerable families into temporary and emergency housing.

HouseLet Direct can help Landlords manage the burden of demonstrating compliance with fitness for habitation and the 'fit and proper person' test and conduct inspections for instances where tenants bring proceedings for nuisance and disrepair under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 and The Housing Act 2004. Houselet Direct can provide Expert Reports and HHSRS inspections for Landlord appeals to the Residential Property Tribunal (RPT)

At HouseLet Direct we specialise in quality and statutory inspections (HHSRS) for residential homes, hostels, hotels and B&B accommodation. If you are registered as a social housing provider with the Homes and Communities Agency we can help you demonstrate that your dwellings meet statutory minimum standards under HHSRS and the 'fit and proper person test' and that your business is not at risk of failure from financial penalties. To discuss your individual requirements contact us

Book a HHSRS certificate to demonstrate to prospective Tenants that you provide quality homes here


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