If you are worried your rented home is harming your health and want to take your own legal action then HouseLet Direct's Section 82 Advice Pack could help you restore comfort to your home.

If you have been placed in temporary or emergency accommodation by your Council and the conditions within your home are damp , mouldy or unsafe then HouseLet Direct's tenant Disrepair Report might help you find an alternative safe home.

If your Landlord is refusing to carry out vital repairs to your rented home and you want to to know how to take you own action then why not consider speakign with a qualified and experiecned Environmental Health Practioner in a 30 Minute HouseLet Direct Consultation

Helping Create Safe Homes


According to the latest census figures the population of England and Wales grew by 4 million to 56.1 million in the decade to 2011. A shortage of affordable homes, the need for large deposits, and more stringent checks by lenders means that for many people renting is the only option.

A 2012  report by Cambridge University (commissioned by the Resolution Foundation and Shelter) found that the proportion of people renting their homes privately will continue to expand, and that in London 36% of households will be renting by 2025. The report also found that the past five years have seen a massive 86% increase in families with children renting their homes; growth which looks set to continue.

At HouseLet Direct we believe that all homes should be safe homes, whether they are rented from a private or public landlord, and that all children should have the opportunity to grow up in homes that are free from physical and psychological hazards to health and wellbeing.

Tenants should always use a reputable Agent to find a suitable property and ask to see inspection certificates which can demonstrate that a home is free from hazards to health and is periodically checked for disrepair by the Landlord.

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) was introduced in 2006 under Part 1 of the new Housing Act 2004. Whilst HHSRS is not a standard in itself; it does contain the statutory minimum standards for all dwelling houses in England and Wales. Regardless of whether you rent your home from a Council, Registered Social Landlord (RSL) or Private Sector Landlord (PSL); all dwellings must comply with the requirement to be free from Category 1 Hazards.

HouseLet Direct provides a range of services for Landlords to help them comply with legal obligations, but we recognise that some Landlords do not keep their properties in good repair and that sometimes Tenants are left with no option, but to take independent action to make their homes safe.

If you believe that your homes is harming your health and has damp, mould or other hazards and your Landlord refuses to take action to reduce the hazards, then HouseLet Direct can carry out an independent HHSRS inspection, on your behalf.
In cases where a dispute arises and you consider taking action against your Landlord or  Managing Agents for disrepair and hazards to health, HouseLet Direct can provide Expert reports in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules; Part 35.

For advice on Housing and Council Tax Benefit visit You Gov

If your Assured Shorthold Tenancy started after 6 April 2007, your landlord must place your deposit in 1 of 3 tenancy deposit protection (TDP) schemes:

Deposit Protection Service

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

My Deposits

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