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Our Noisedirect service can also help Agents take positive action for ASB and noise nuisance.

Helping Create Safe Homes

Letting Agents

HouseLet Direct believes that Letting and Managing Agents play an essential role in providing safe homes. Good Agents like good Landlords who aspire to a successful and prosperous business model understand that creating safe homes is in everyone’s interest. At HouseLet Direct we assist responsible and proactive Agents in preventing problems before they occur and tackling problems professionally when they do arise.   

At HouseLet Direct we already work in partnership with a number of Agents in London and the South East. Our services help Agents source professional Tenants who expect high calibre, healthy homes. HouseLet Direct’s HHSRS inspection and certificate service provides a pre inspection health check for a property confirming to Landlords and prospective Tenants that the dwelling complies with statutory minimum standards and is free from hazards to health such as damp, cold, noise and entry from intruders.

HouseLet Direct’s HHSRS inspection and certificate service allows Agents to confidently manage properties where licensing conditions may apply and comply with requirements for the ‘Fit and Proper Person Test’.

HouseLet Direct’s periodic inspection service can help Agents effectively manage properties that are subject to Mandatory, Additional, or Selective Licensing Schemes.

In cases where a dispute arises and Tenants consider taking action against Managing Agents for disrepair and hazards to health, HouseLet Direct can provide Expert Reports in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules; Part 35.
If an Agent is unfortunate enough to be faced with enforcement action such as a Control Order or Prohibition or Improvement Notice, then HouseLet Direct can provide independent help and advice including inspection services and reports for RPT Appeal hearings including Expert Reports in accordance with Criminal Procedure Rules; Part 33.

HouseLet Direct provides a unique access point for advice and services for Agents. Book an Inspection here or alternatively contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


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