Section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 makes provision for individuals to take their own action in the Magistrates' Court if the conditions in their home are a statutory nuisance or prejudicial to health. HouseLet Direct's Section 82 Advice Pack allows private and social tenants and homeowners to take action for damp, disrepair and other conditions, which affect their reasonable use of their homes.

If you want to get a Court Order because your landlord refuses to carry out repairs and want to restore comfort to your home, then HouseLet Direct's fixed fee £99 (plus VAT) Section 82 Advice Pack is just what you need. The HouseLet Direct Section 82 Advice Pack includes:

  • 20 pages of guidance on using the Section 82 procedure;
  • Sample Letters, Statement and Section 82 Notice of Intention;
  • Event Logs & Blank Section 82 Notice of Intention Forms for you to use;
  • A 30 minute HouseLet Direct telephone Consultation with an experienced Environmental Health Practitioner

To order HouseLet Direct’s Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 82 Advice Pack simply use our Booking Form

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