LGO investigation finds Newham Council forced elderly couple with severe mobility problems to live apart for months after being made homeless. Read LGO Report

National Union of Students Homes Fit for Study Report finds students living in unsafe homes with infestations, damp, mould, and electrical safety hazards.

LGO Report finds Kingston upon Hull City Council failed to advise vulnerable woman of right to appeal homelessness allocation and awards £200 compensation. Read More

LGO awards £1,000 to family left to live in a cramped, unsuitable home for more than two years by Isle of Wight Council. Read More

Beware the 29 HHSRS HAZARDS: all Landlords and Tenants should recognise. Read More

Local Government Ombudsman orders Hammersmith and Fulham Council to reimburse 58 elderly tenants, who were overcharged more than £38,000 for water in their homes. Read Report

LGO finds London Borough of Ealing failed in it's statutory duty by leaving two young families in bed and breakfast accommodation for too long Read Report

Welwyn Hatfield HMO Landlord facing fines and costs of £24,250 Read more

Watford unlicensed HMO Landlord faces fines and costs totaling £30,202 Read more

LGO orders Selby District Council to apologise and award £2,146 to couple, for ignoring material considerations relating to Permitted Development rights and ‘right to light’. Read Report

Government Response to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee Report: The Private Rented Sector to take forward proposals to allow rent and housing benefit to be clawed back when landlords have been convicted of letting out dangerous property.

LGO Report; No Place Like Home says Council's are letting down some of the most vulnerable sections of society – young people and families under threat of homelessness – who are being housed by Councils in unsuitable bed and breakfast accommodation.

From 1 April 2013 the Housing Ombudsman can only consider complaints from social tenants  that have been referred by a ‘designated person’ (MP, councillor or recognised tenant panel), or by the tenant themselves if 8 weeks have passed from the completion of the landlords internal complaint process. Read more

Dr Jill Stewart is the Editor of this invaluable report on housing. Effective Strategies and Interventions- environmental health and the private housing sector London: University of Greenwich and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

CLG Committee’s inquiry – the Private Rented Sector formally accepts Memorandum of evidence submitted by HouseLet Direct. Read the submission here

Communities and Local Government Committee launch inquiry into the private rented housing sector. Submissions of 3,000 words maximum invited by 11am on 17 January 2013 Read more

National Housing Federation report Homeless Bound finds shocking 60%  increase in the number of children and pregnant women living in B&Bs

HouseLet Direct launches inspection packages for small, medium and larger Landlords Read more

Former CIEH president calls for EHPs to help make temporary accommodation safe Read more

Shelter Report finds that rental numbers will continue to increase and in London more than 36% of households will be renting by 2025 Read more

NLA response to London Borough of Newham's compulsory Licensing of all private sector rented properties.

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Safe Homes

Everyone has the right to live in a safe home, whether it is a home you own or whether you rent from a private Landlord, Council or Housing Association.

A safe home should be free from damp and mould, free from excess cold, with adequate space and facilities and free from hazards to mental and physical health.

At HouseLet Direct we help Tenants, Landlords and Agents create homes that are Safe and Decent. HouseLet Direct provides a range of cost effective services including telephone advice, Tenancy Packs, HHSRS inspections and certificates along with periodic Safe Home Inspections and inspections for possession proceedings or disrepair claims by Tenants or Landlords.

Our inspections can help reputable Landlords comply with licensing and Private Sector Leasing requirements for long term lets to Councils. We can arrange Tenant referencing and Landlord insurance through reputable providers.

If you are a Landlord or Tenant and simply need advice on legal requirements for safe housing or need help to navigate the regulatory regime including, fire safety, overcrowding, HMO facilities or any other aspect of housing, then our expert professionals at HouseLet Direct can provide, simple, clear, practical advice.

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